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Quality health care delivery is delivering the right care, to the right patient, in the right manner, in the right place, at the right time, all the time. It is important for organizations like LASUTH to understand the six dimensions of quality health care, which are stated below in order to get it right. The six dimensions of quality health care are:-

Safety (no needless death): - Are patient safe in the hospital? Is death rate high?
Effectiveness (no needless pain or suffering): - Making sure the patient doesn’t go back the same way they came. Ask questions like, have we been able to alleviate the pain or suffering of our patients?
 Patient Centeredness (no helplessness in those served): - Have we been able to render the necessary help required?
 Timeliness (no unnecessary waiting): - Has the hospital been able to curb long waiting time?
 Efficiency (no waste): - Doctors should prescribe only the necessary drugs. Ask questions like, have we been able to solve the issues of poly-pharmacy in the hospital?
 Equity (no one is left out): - To get the quality healthcare required, Team spirit must be embraced.

Our departmental goal is to ensure excellent health care delivery to our teeming patients. We are to monitor the processes and procedures of activities in different departments and also set up a quality improvement plan which includes trainings and workshops.

For effectiveness, we put up a quality assurance team {Quality Champions) with a representation from various departments in LASUTH. We put up a roster for monitoring, evaluation and training using a carefully designed monitoring and evaluation survey forms for assessment. This has been a huge success because we were able to identify some gaps responsible for lack of satisfaction in the services rendered to our patients. Also, we were able to identify the poor attitude of some staff towards the patients.

1.) Analysis and assessment of activities in various departments
2.) Strategy formulation
3.) Strategy execution
4.) Evaluation of the outcome

The scope of work includes;
1. Carrying out patients Satisfaction Surveys.
2. Auditing of activities in various departments.
3. Assisting departments in designing their process maps
4. Ensuring strict adherence to the use of Standard operating procedures for departments
5. Getting Feedbacks on Standard Operating procedures
6. Measuring staff key performance indices (KPIs)
7. Ensuring strict adherence to Clinical Governance Parameters
8. Laying emphasis on Incidence Reporting
9. Carrying out daily monitoring exercises
10. Making recommendations to the Hospital Authority
11. Doing food handlers screening
12. Training and re-training of staff on attitudinal change
13. Member OF State Quality Improvement Committee
14. Attending Training and Workshops to improve our Skill

Dr. Aborisade L. M.

Designation: Head of Department

Years of Experience: 25years

Email Address: qa@lasuth.org.ng

Telephone: +234-000-000-0000