The faculty of Paediatrics of the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) held its Faculty Day, on the 19th of September, 2018, at the Malaria Research Centre (MRC), with the theme “Securing The Future of the Nigerian Child through the SDGs and MDGs lessons.

At the lecture, the Guest Lecturer, Prof. Obot Essien Antia - Obong spoke extensively on the search that brought him closer to know more on the sustainable development goals (SDGs), which has a futuristic agenda of the world and that the SDGs are in the 3rd year of its 15-year life span (2015-2030).

According to him, the millennium development goals (MDGs) which preceded the SDGs (2000-2015) came to an end three years ago. He encouraged that, in order to make the best of the SDGs, there would be need to make a retrospect on the execution of the MDGs – successes, failures, challenges among others, so as to design innovative ways to attain the SDGs from lessons learnt.

He emphasized that, man has always given thought to his/her future e.g. Next Meal, Family, Comfort, Finances, Sickness, Conflict, Career, Marriage, Holiday and Death etc. The factors that come into play in all these are memories of the past, the realities of the present and the aspirations (Imaginations) for a brighter future. When the future of a group, community, nation or the world are been considered – this constitutes COLLECTIVE FUTURE THOUGHT.

Present at the event were Acting Director Clinical Services and Training, Dr. Olatunde Odusote, Assistant Director Nursing Services, Mrs. Adebola Aina.

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Anifowoshe-Bello k .A

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