There are six (6) entry points to all consultants in LASUTH namely:

1. Medical Emergency

2. Surgical Emergency

3. Pediatric Emergency

4. Obstetrics and Gynecology Emergency

5. Patients Referred from Family Medicine

6. Patient referred from other Hospitals to LASUTH

When a patient report sick to the Hospital, their first point of call is Medical Records Department where they will obtain cards or where they present their referral letters for subsequent attention or care by appropriate clinics.

All new patients will report to General Out-Patient Department (G.O.P.D) where they will obtain treatment cards after they have given their Biodata Information. This Include Name, Age, Sex, Address, Occupation, Date etc. They will be directed to see the doctor.

On the other hand when a patient has been seen by a doctor somewhere else, he or she will present a referral letter to the Medical Record Officer. These patients are directed to the Nurse in charge of the clinic who will in turn liaise with the doctor for sorting of patients who either need urgent attention or those that need future appointments. Based on the doctor’s assessment, patients are then given appointment which is taken to Medical Records Officer who fills in the appropriate dates for the patient’s revisit.

On the visitation day, patients are asked to obtain case note for consultant or specialists to give care. It is during this process that there is a full clerking and physical examination of these patients. Subsequently, investigations are requested and further follow-ups visit planned.

Mission Statement

Guided by the needs of our patients and their families, we aim to deliver the very best health care in a safe, compassionate environment; to advance that care through innovative research and education; and to improve the health and well-being of the diverse communities we serve.

Vision Statement

To be the Center of Excellence in healthcare delivery.

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Qualified Doctors

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Emergency Services

These services run on a 24/7 basis and have led to significant improvement in the response time and quality of care with attendant improvement in morbidity and mortality rates occasioned by medical emergencies.

24hour Services

Urgent care is needed 24 hours a day year round. At Lasuth, our services are available round the clock in order to meet the health care needs of the communities we serve. We also provide advise & treatment for urgent health problems.

Health Care Solutions

LASUTH is into the real business of improving people’s lives through better, more accessible and more affordable healthcare with the aim of better health and wellness for the entire people of Lagos State and the environs.

Cutting Edge Technology

LASUTH has consistently led game-changing developments in healthcare by bringing to the people of Lagos and Nigeria latest technology and innovative skills, and provides outstanding healthcare of international standards.

Reaching Out to the Community

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