How do I request for a copy of my medical report

To obtain a copy of a Medical Record from LASUTH Healthcare System facility, you must complete and submit an Authorization for Release of Confidential Medical Records Form.

To download the form and learn more please visit the Medical Records section on our website.

How do I obtain a referral to a physician

To obtain a referral to a physician, kindly call us now at [08057699800] or send us an email notification: to learn more.

Our Physician Referral Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How do I schedule an appointment

Please contact our Centralized Scheduling Department at (, 08057699800)

How do I contact my relative on hospital admission

Patient communication is processed by contacting the hospital directly. Please call your selected facility to be connected to a patient, for your convenience we have listed below:

LASUTH Hospital (8057699900, 08057699800)
LASUTH Medical Emergency (NUMBER HERE)

LASUTH Surgical Emergency (NUMBER HERE)

LASUTH Pediatric Surgery (NUMBER HERE)

LASUTH Medical Ward Male 1 (NUMBER HERE)

LASUTH Medical Ward Male 2 (NUMBER HERE)

LASUTH Medical Ward Female 1 (NUMBER HERE)

LASUTH Medical Ward Female 2 (NUMBER HERE)

LASUTH Surgical Ward Male 1 (NUMBER HERE)

LASUTH Surgical Ward Male 2 (NUMBER HERE)

LASUTH Surgical Ward Female 1 (NUMBER HERE)

LASUTH Surgical Ward Female 2 (NUMBER HERE)

LASUTH Administrative Section (NUMBER HERE)


Click here to view a complete list of facilities, maps and direction.

Clinical Schedules

LASUTH runs all general clinics (MOPD, SOPD, GOPD) 8:00am to 4pm daily Mondays to Fridays. Also the Emergencies (Peadiatrics, Medical & Surgical) runs 24hours all days.

Request for Information

This contact page is not intended for any emergency purpose. If you are in need of emergency assistance, please call (08057699800). Please be aware that LASUTH Healthcare System cannot provide any emergency assistance or medical diagnosis via this online contact.

Questions and comments are reviewed and responded to during regular business hours, Monday through Friday (with the exception of holidays). Messages sent to this site may be unread for extended periods of time.

To speak to a LASUTH Healthcare System operator, please call (08057699900, 08057699802).

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