The Surgery department of Lagos State University Teaching Hospital is a department in the hospital which provides all forms of surgical services to all the inhabitant of Lagos State, as well as those of its neighbors like Ogun, Oyo States and even as far as the Eastern and Northern parts of the Nigeria and neighboring countries.

Some of the departments main objectives includes:
  -    Treating patients with skilled hands and compassion while ensuring surgical services are
   rendered in an atmosphere of mutual respect
  -    Team work with other health care workers and administrative staff.
  -    To make surgery attractive to medical students.
  -    Training surgery residents to be leaders and respected surgeons well versed in teaching,
   research and clinical services.

The department is comprises of different units, namely:
  -    General Surgery
  -    Burns and plastics unit
  -    Cardiothoracic unit
  -    Neuro Surgery
  -    Ophthalmology
  -    Orthopedic / Trauma
  -    Pediatrics Surgery
  -    Urology

The staff strength is also encouraging with competents hands which includes Thirty-One (31) Honorary Consultants, Thirty-seven (37) Resident Doctors, Twenty (20) House Officers, Twelve (12) Medical Officers and four (4) Administrative officers.

Our weekly and clinical activities are as follows:
  -    General Surgery (Clinic)
  -    Neurosurgery (Clinic)
  -    Burns & Plastic (Ward Round)
  -    Cardiothoracic (Main Theartre)
  -    Orthopedic/Trauma (Clinic & X-ray research meetings)
  -    Paediatrics Surgery (Main Theatre)
  -    Urology (Clinic)

  -    General Surgery (Main Theatre)
  -    Neurosurgery (Main Theatre)
  -    Burns & Plastic (Main Theatre)
  -    Cardiothoracic (Clinic)
  -    Orthopedic/Trauma (Clubfoot Clinic & Consultant ward round)
  -    Paediatrics Surgery (Clinic & Consultant ward round)
  -    Urology (RADSEM/Research meeting)

  -    Burns & Plastic (CME/Ward Round/M&M meeting)

  -    General Surgery (Minor Theatre)
  -    Neurosurgery (Minor Theatre)
  -    Burns & Plastic (Clinic)
  -    Cardiothoracic (Clinic/CWR, Minor Theatre)
  -    Orthopedic/Trauma (Minor Theatre)
  -    Paediatrics Surgery (CWR/Surgery/Radiology)
  -    Urology (Main Theatre)

  -    General Surgery (CWR/Consultant Review)
  -    Neurosurgery (X-ray, Research Metting, Clinics)
  -    Burns & Plastic (CWR)
  -    Cardiothoracic (CWR/Main Theatre)
  -    Orthopedic/Trauma (X-ray, Research Metting, Clinics)
  -    Paediatrics Surgery (Clinics)
  -    Urology (CWR/Minor Theatre)

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