The Nursing department of the hospital is responsible for the provision of effecient and effective qualitative nursing care according to the International Professional Standard. the Nursing care are discharged through sub-departmentalization of the department for more effective and efficient management to enhance development of good nursing skills by maintaining nursing ethics and rule of conducts.

The use of commettees in giving attention to all areas of care e.g quality Assurance Committee, Research Committee e.t.c. The weekly supervision of departments and cross departmental supervision by managers.

The department is sub-divided into units which includes Surgery, Medicine, Paediatrics, Infection Control, Peri-operatives, Anaesthesia, Emergency, Ophthalmology, Psychiatry, Nursing Education, CSSD, Administration, Community Health & Primary Health care.

The units are being administered by Departmental Managers and Ward Managers.

Our Weekly activities
  -    Tuesdays:    Study day held at the NANNM house
  -    Departmental Managers meeting
  -    Quarterly Committee meeting with the ADNS

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